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Complain was filed on dated. 27.07.2017 NHRC Case No.38400/24/0/2018 Direction issued by commission to the DGP, Uttar Pradesh is directed to take appropriate action within 8 weeks associating the complainant/victim and to inform them of the action taken in the matter.

Since last 2 months in Uttar Pradesh the rapid increase of 803 incidents of rape & 729 of murder were reported violate Human Rights due to political battle but ruling party lead by the Chief-Minister Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh the Police & Public Authority failure in taking lawful action violates Human Rights due to Inaction/Unlawful Action/ Abetment by the Police/Public Authority. Prayer to take criminal /disciplinary action against the Police/Public Authorities responsible in this regard & take necessary steps to stop the crime immediately.