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Complain was filed on dated. 14.09.2018 NHRC Case No.4465/18/16/2018 Direction issued by commission to Transmit a copy of the complaints to the concerned authorities calling for an action taken report within four weeks. In case, the report is not received within the stipulated time the Commission shall be constrained to invoke coercive process u/s 13 of the protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 for personal appearance of the concerned authority. The concerned authorities shall also intimate the Commission, if any, notice, order etc., has been received by him/them in the instant matter from the State Human Rights Commission? If yes, a copy of such order be also sent to the Commission within 4 weeks. Let a copy of the complaint be also transmitted to the Secretary of the concerned State Human Rights Commission, calling upon him to inform this Commission the date of cognizance, if any, taken at their end in the instant matter within four weeks.

On dated 11/08/2018 the tribal victims Babuli Sahoo, Chakradhar Sahoo, Nirakara Sahoo, Bidhan Behera, along with other 50 villagers & their family, Vill: Saanda, Bankuli, Hensala, Magarmana, Jaganathpur, PS- Khamar, were illegally evicted from the forest land and severely tortured by the Police & Public Authorities in political influence. Interestingly some villagers also availed Houses under the scheme of Indira Awas from the Government on the same forest land along with the electricity & water facilities. (Photo Copy Enclosed) violate Human Rights due to inaction Unlawful Action & Abetment by the Police/Public Authority where the ladies and children are staying under open sky as well as non-registration of  the F.I.R. Prayer to take criminal action against the responsible Police/Public Authorities liable in the illegal eviction of the victims & their family, compensate Rs.10 lakhs to the victims, provide land according to the Forest Rights Act and protect them from the rowdy police and public authorities immediately.