Cases & Orders

Case Details

Complain was filed on dated. 02.10.2018 NHRC Case No. 4584/18/16/2018 Direction issued by commission to the S.P & C.D.M.O, Angul is directed to take appropriate action within 8 weeks and to inform the complainant of the action taken in the matter.

On dated. 30.09.2018 unknown lady deceased, Vill- Rantalei, PS/Dist- Angul was died in District Headquarter Hospital, Angul due to administration of wrong injection violate Human Rights by the Medical Authority & Police due to non registration of the FIR/Case in the Angul PS in inaction Unlawful Action & Abetment by the Police/Medical Authority. Mrs. Swain Prayed to take criminal action against the responsible Police/Medical authority liable in this incident & compensate Rs.25 Lakhs to the NOK.