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File No.3704/18/0/2013/NHRC Direction issued by commission to the Chief Secretary for an Action Taken Report within four weeks. According to the R.T.I information more number of prisoners even twice is staying in the said jail than the scheduled accommodation from the category of under trail & convicted Prisoners violate the rights to live even after punishment. This implies dual punishment for the similar offence in the metal shock during the punishment period. The copy of the R.T.I information is attached here with for more information.

These proceedings shall be read in continuation of the earlier proceedings of the Commission dated 15.9.2014. On 15.9.2014, the Commission observed and ordered:- "Let copy of the report be sent to the complainant for comments which should be received in the Commission within four weeks." Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, Smt. Sangita Swain on 28.10.2014 submitted that she has received the report of Additional DGP, Odisha which explained that 40 jails have more prisoners beyond the capacity. She has requested that the undertrial and convicted prisoners who are detained in 40 jails of Odisha be compensated on daily basis. From the perusal of the report submitted by Additional DGP, Odisha dated 24.3.2014, it is clear that the capacity of Odisha prisons is adequate for confinement of the prisoners. It was also pointed out that further steps are being taken by the Government for increasing the capacity of prisons in the State. There appears no justification to provide compensation to the prisoners. On the basis of above, since the Government of Odisha is aware of the problem of prisoners who are languishing in jails in the State of Odisha and has taken several measures for increasing the capacity of the prisons, further intervention of Commission is not called for and the case is closed.