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File No. 2704/18/16/2014/NHRC This proceeding shall be read in continuation of the earlier proceedings of the Commission dated 12.11.2014. The complainant Sangita Swain, Secretary, Human Rights Watch, an activist has alleged that Anugul District in Odisha is a highly polluted area of the State due to establishment of large industries in steels, electricity and coal such as NALCO, JINDAL, BHUSAN, NTPC, MCL etc. where general public and animals are suffering from different types of diseases due to fluoride waste from the said industries. The said fact has been detected by local medical authorities of the Government Hospital. According to the complaint, the fluoride waste from the industries has affected the ground water and air of the locality. The complainant has sought the intervention of the Commission for necessary direction to defluoridation of the waste as per law because the concerned authorities such as pollution Control Board, Director, Factories and Boiler etc. have failed to do any good. The matter in question had also come up in the important Newspapers. Pursuant to the directions of the Commission, report dated 21.11.2014 received from the Special Secretary (Technical) to the Government of Odisha intimated the Commission about the actions taken to control the flurosis in Anugul district. The matter was also enquired into by the Director, Public Health, Odisha and CDMO of Anugul district and the following measures have been undertaken to address the issue:- 1)45 numbers of schools and 9 villages of Anugul district have been surveyed by the field investigators and fluorosis consultant. 2)The laboratory for Fluorosis started functioning from 20.12.2013. 3)21 villages have been surveyed and water sample has been collected and out of 299 samples tested 81 samples have fluorosis level above 1 PPM. 4)268 samples tested from the students as many as 10 schools out of which 233 samples have fluoride level above 1 PPM. According to the reports, regular supervision and monitoring is continuing and the IEC activities conducted in affected villages and schools in the district. Besides, RWSS authorities of Talcher and CMO of NALCO, India have been intimated and requested to take necessary action to control fluorosis in Anugul district. No comments has been received from the complainant. Let a reminder be sent to her to submit her comments, if any, within six weeks failing which the Commission may be constrained to proceed with the case on merits.

Angul District is highly polluted area in Asia due to the
establishment of largest industries in steels, electricity
& coal i.e. NALCO, JINDAL, BHUSHAN, NTPC, MCL, etc
where General Public & animals are suffering from
different types of diseases due to the fluoride
outcome from the said industries as detected by the
test of Fluorosis unit at District Govt. Hospital, Angul
affecting the ground water & air. The outcome fluoride
from the said industries should be de-fluoridation as
per law but the said industries failed to do so & the
State Pollution Control Board, Director, Factories &
Boilers are spectator due to indirect partner to the
said industries are playing with the life of General
Public implies inaction & Unlawful action by the Public