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File No. 2780/18/16/2014/NHR C Direction issued by commission to the Chief-Secretary, Govt. of Odisha for Action Taken Report within 4 weeks. These proceedings shall be read in continuation of the proceedings dated 25.5.2014. Pursuant to the notice, complainant Sangeeta Swain, Secretary, Human Rights Watch, Angul, Odisha, had filed submission dated 30.6.2015. Commission had perused the complaint. According to the brief summary, Mahanadi Coal Field Limited had destroyed 153 hectares forest from Danra and Padmabatipur reserve forest for the establishment of Bharatpur Coal Mines due to black diamonds. The said reserved forest is 50 to 60 years old and having 50,000 sal trees. There is a large scale de-forestation and establishment of largest scale industries in clear violation of human rights. Government of Odisha, Forest and Environment Department, filed report dated 16.12.2014. It had been communicated that DFO Angul, vide letter dated 15.9.2014 furnished detailed report on the issue raised in press clipping as indicated below:- 1) Stage-II forest clearance order been granted by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India for diversion of 134.41 hectare of forest land in Bharatpur OCP of MCL vide their letter F.No. 8-87/2012-FC dated 7.2.2014. The State Government issued recent order under the Forest Conservation Act on 28.2.2014. Thereafter DFO Angul and Tehsildar Palcha have taken steps for handing over the diverted forest land to the MCL authorities for undertaking projects related activities. 2) 4795 number of trees has been enumerated over the diverted forest land has been allowed to be fell by Divisional Manager, OFDC Limited, Angul. An amount of Rs. 14,55,570/- had been deposited towards the cost of royalty for the trees standing on diverted revenue forest land. 3) Due to resistance by local people of the area diverted reserve forest land and trees standing thereon could not be enumerated. A meeting at the level of DFO Angul, was held with Rakas Vana Suraksha Samiti for smooth enumeration of trees, 1792 trees have been enumerated over an area of 3.55 hectare of RF land, MCL had deposited Rs.10,02,281/- towards the evaluated royalty of these trees. So far only 1606 number of trees have been fell. 4) 18,60,435 number of plants have been planted in Talchar area from 1992 to 1993 to 2012-13 by MCL. During 2014-15, MCL has raised 1,74,429 number of plants under urban plantation. Forest department have planted 30,01,256 number of saplings under Block/ANR/avenue plantation from 2008-09 to 2014-15. 269 hectare of de-graded forest land and 21.5 hectare of panel compensatory afforestation have also been taken up at the cost of MCL. Sangeeta Swain in her detailed objection have shown her concern and had alleged that the government is not reflecting the cumulative data related to harvesting of fodder grasses, legumes, etc., which grow naturally in non-forest or de-graded forest area. The user agency for the government is not providing the displacement of avifauna, both pedestrial and aquatic or creation of barriers for their movement. The proposal result are changes to demographic structure of local population and project cost, great adverse effect on local community. The risk of contamination of land, air, or water from the released of pollutants into the ground or into sewer, surface water, ground water, which user agency and the government have simply skip and avoiding the matter with appointment some mafia, henchman, and errant government officers with malafide intention and suppress the real facts which violates the natural justice. Commission had considered the report submitted by the government and objection filed thereon. The complainant have raised certain basic issues touching the adverse effects upon the human population and flora and funae of the area because of large scale de-forestation to carry out the mining by the Mahandi Coal Fields Limited. Commission directs that the objections filed by the complainant should be sent to Chief Secretary, Government of Odisha, to submit the detailed report on each issues raised by the complainant in their objection within eight weeks.

The Mahanadi Coal Field Ltd. has already destroyed
143 hectar forests from Danara & Padmabatipur
reserved forest for the establishment of Bharatpur
Coal Mines due to black diamond. The said reserve
forest is 50-60 years old having 50,000 Sala Trees
where localites are giving protection to the forest &
dependable on its products & its Notable that the
Talcher is the hottest town in Odisha due to
deforestation & establishment of Large-scale
Industries in Asia Continent. Permission issued in
this regard to the MCL by the Govt. is clear
violation of HUMAN RIGHTS due to inaction and
unlawful action & by the Public Authority.