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File No. 2778/18/31/2014/NHRC The Commission has taken cognizance in these cases and directed to call for a report from the concerned authorities. The report has not been received within the stipulated period despite issuing final reminder. The Commission takes a very serious view and directs its Registry to issue summons to the concerned authority u/s 13 of the Protection of Human rights act 1993 to appear before the Commission on 08.12.2015 at 11.00 AM alongwith requisite report in the matter. Should however the requisite report be received by the Commission on or before 01.12.2015 the personal presence of the concerned authority shall stand dispensed with.

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (Act)
Scheme (MGNREG), a flagship programme of the Central
Government which is aimed at providing guaranteed
employment for atleast 100 days a year but in Nayagarh district
Administrations are providing work to the machine instead of
labours under MGNREG scheme & interestingly the bankers &
administrators are also involved with Brokers/Dalaal to pay the
major part of the wages/amount of the labours/machine through
cheque by creating false Master Roll for which local labours are
going outside the state in the form of Dadan Shramika/Labour,
Violates Human Rights due to inaction and unlawful action by
the Public/Bank Authority.