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File No. 3141/18/26/2014 NHRC The Commission has taken cognizance in these cases and directed to call for a report from the concerned authorities. The report has not been received within the stipulated period despite issuing final reminder. The Commission takes a very serious view and directs its Registry to issue summons to the concerned authority u/s 13 of the Protection of Human rights act 1993 to appear before the Commission on 28.10.2015 at 11.00 AM alongwith requisite report in the matter. Should however the requisite report be received by the Commission on or before 21.10.2015 the personal presence of the concerned authority shall stand dispensed with.

Thousands of People/victims are depending upon the hanging
wire on the river for their communication for Hospital, School,
Daily Market, etc. The victims had demanded the Govt. for the
bridge on the river but the Govt. is in deaf for last 20 years &
due to this dangerous communication by the hanging wire 2
people died over there last year violates Human Rights due to
Inaction / Unlawful Action & Abetment by the Public Authority.