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NHRC Case No- 4572/18/7/2014, The information/documents asked for by the Commission in its proceedings dated 08.06.2015 have not been received so far. Issue reminder to the Labour Commissioner, Odisha, Bhubneshwar, directing them to submit the required information/documents within four weeks, failing which the Commission may invoke Section 13 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. A copy of the Proceedings dated 08.06.2015 be also forwarded to the Labour Commissioner, Odisha, Bhubneshwar, for ready reference.

The deceased Daburi Khuntia aiong with 50 persons died in lounge diseased in Madarangajodi village called as widow village. The people are depending upon the illegal Limestone mines for labour work where Environment and Pollution department has closed this said illegal mines. The running of the said illegal mines by the Mafias violates Human Rights due to Inaction/Unlawful Action/ Abetment by the Public Authority. The News Articles in the daily “The Sambad” on dated 31/10/2014 is attached for information.