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NHRC Case No.-9811/18/2/2015-AD The Case Nos.9451/18/2/2015-PCD has already been registered in the Commission and the case No. 9811/18/2/2015-AD has now been registered on the complaint of Sangita Swain. Both the cases relate to the same subject and therefore be clubbed together. Let the Investigation Division take further action in the matter. The complainant be informed accordingly.

On dated 11/07/2015 the deceased Goutam Bag was died during the course of Police Action in Police coustody in plan to nab the maoist violate Human Rights due to Inaction/Unlawful Action & Abetment  by the Police in Kantabanji PS Case No. 16/2015. The News Articles in the daily “The PIONEER” on dated 12/07/2015 is attached for information.