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NHRC Case No.-2318/18/31/2016-AD Direction issued by commission to the Deputy Inspector General (Investigation), to collect facts and requisite reports within 08 weeks. Simultaneously, the concerned State Human Rights Commission be also requested to inform this Commission within four weeks.

On dated 26/02/2016, the deceased the prisoner  Kalucharan Swain Viil- Nandapur PO/PS- Ranpur, Dist- Nayagarh was severally tortured  in the Nayagarh jail  and killed by the Jail Authority violate Human Rights due inaction/unlawful action by the Doctor/Jail Authorities  in Nayagarh PS Case No-3/2016. Prayer to take Criminal/Disciplinary Proceeding against the negligent Jail Authority in Nayagarh PS Case No- 3/2016 & compensate Rs.20 Lakhs to the kin of the deceased.