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NHRC Case No- 2741/18/0/2016, Direction issued by commission to the OHRC Case No.2704/2016 for an Action Taken Report to the Principal Secretary, Water Resources & Energy & Rural Development, Govt. of Odisha.

Inspite of the several schemes/ yojana by the Central & State Govt. to provide water supply ,electricity & toilet to the General Public in Odisha, the Govt. is failed to provide 98% people in water supply , 41% in electricity & 75% in toilet facility as reviled from the Assembly   violate Human Rights  due to Inaction / Unlawful Action & Abetment  by the Public Authority. Prayer to take Criminal/ Disciplinary & Departmental Proceeding against the Public Authority failure in taking lawful action, Take appropriate steps to provide water supply, electricity  & toilet facilities to the General Public at large.