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NHRC Case No.7115/18/4/2016 transferred to OHRC Case No.122/2017 Direction issued by commission for an Action Taken Report to the Superintendent of Police, Dhenkanal within 4 weeks and to put up the matter on 05.02.2018.

On dated 02/06/2016 the  Backward Cast  Victim Narayan Naik  Vill- Mahulaberani, PS-  Dhenkanal Sadar , Dist- Dhenkanal was seriously beaten & injured by the criminals  in front of  the Police while the victim was  engaged by the Police to do the duty unofficial  violate Human Rights by the Police in failure in taking lawful action neither rsgistering the F.I.R nor doing the Medical Treatment to the victim. Prayer to take Criminal/Disciplinary action against the concerned Police, failure in taking lawful action in Dhenkanal Sadar, PS &  compensate Rs.10 Lakhs to the victim.